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A New Album for November

Celine Dion’s new album won’t take its name from Shania Twain’s 1995 smash hit The Woman in Me after all. The Quebec singer’s first English CD in three years, due out Nov. 13, will be titled Taking Chances, according to a select group of fans who got a preview in Las Vegas on Monday night.

And she does just that on the album, getting a bit bluesy and rocking out when she’s not belting out her usual chest-pounding ballads. Last week, Dion told USA Today the album would be called The Woman in Me, sparking a Celine vs. Shania debate online. "I think this album represents a positive evolution in my career," Dion said of her album. "I’m feeling strong, maybe a little gutsier than in the past, and just as passionate about music and life as I ever was." On the new CD, Dion ventures into rock territory with a cover version of Heart’s "Alone" and guitar-driven tracks titled "This Time," "Shadow of Love" and "Can’t Fight the Feeling."

She sings the blues on "That’s Just the Woman in Me," showing off the rawness of her normally perfect voice. And while the vocals are pure Dion, some of the arrangements are decidedly different. "Let Me Be Your Soldier" features military-style drums; "Right Next to the Right One" has the sound of folk instruments; and "Eyes On Me" is a beat-heavy track with a touch of Bollywood. The singer has included several ballads, including "A Song for You" and "World to Believe In." In addition to the title track, there’s also "Just Fade Away," "My Love," and "Surprise, Surprise."
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