Where do I begin? :) (mementoxxvivere) wrote in celine_fanz,
Where do I begin? :)



The Celine Dion Elite community has officially been open for users to join and begin posting. It was created by myself and designed by whenidance and will be moderated by the two of us, as well as agm_seben.

We decided to create Celine Dion Elite after discovering a lack of activity in the two previous Celine communities. With the recent and near future release of new French and English albums, the ending of "A New Day..."s incredible five year run in Las Vegas, Nevada; and the future World Tour which begins in 2008 we have decided now is the time to get up, active, and involved in the Celine community once again! Our group will be dedicated to updating users with the latest news, photos, and other important releases dealing with our favorite Canadian diva.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there and enjoying a close-knit Celine community on Live Journal once again.
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Hey, I'm all for communities promotion -- especially ones I help moderate... But don't you think listing the community user name five times at the top of this post is a little "overkill"?

It's just an attention grabbing technique that I have seen it used in several community promotions. If it bothers you, I can edit the post.
Nah, it doesn't bother me... I just didn't want other potential members to be like "oh geez... desperate for attention much?" or some such thing. You know what I mean? I want out community to start off in the best possible light.